Keywords : Political pluralism

Political pluralism in Medina document

adnan hashem jewad; samer mowed abd al-latef

Risalat al-huquq Journal, 2012, Volume 4, Issue 2, Pages 129-143

The pluralism takes - as a humanitarian activity pictures and various forms- most notably pluralism its image of political, but that the latter very first knock to mind at the launch of the term pluralism, it is possible to say that it contains the rest of the areas of pluralism; Perhaps the reason for this is due mainly to two major items:
The first interesting of Western thinkers, especially in this particular area and give it priority in the handling and studies.
The second thing: that the policy at the present time is the organization for communities and nations, people, and develop ideas in the form of constitutions and laws to govern the process of diversity and differences among members of society and the state, whether these differences, religious, economic, social and cultural, making political pluralism, ruler on the other types of diversity and differences.
In the area of pluralism that Islam possessed a rich legacy in the field of building positive interaction with diverse specificities for all groups of different religious or ethnic or cultural or linguistic; found religions and doctrines and the many cultures and many people who can live safely in the shade of Islam. The document drafted by the Medina, the Prophet (Allah bless him and God and peace) in cooperation with the dignitaries of the social forces in the city, the leading business model in the care of all forms of pluralism, the most important political pluralism.
In an effort to confirm the specificity of the Islamic approach to the concept of political pluralism adopted the premise that the researcher: "The concept that Cemented the document of city for political pluralism, it was understood qualitatively and ahead of all levels."
The researcher followed in order to realize than approach (content analysis), through careful consideration and investigation in the joints and the details of the terms and document Medina.
The research plan was divided to tow sections, the first of which went to show the definition of political pluralism. The second section addressed to the qualitative analysis of the concept of political pluralism in the light of the document Medina.