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Photos of the damage to differentiate in Iraqi legislation and Comparative (A Comparative Study of Islamic jurisprudence)

dhiy abdalla abood; hader hessan alshemari

Risalat al-huquq Journal, 2015, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 39-73

The separation of marraige which is signed by the judge causes many , but the most important of these , but causes what is known as differentiation to damage the physical and moral , which affects one spouse by the other , so that this damage with survival cannot be with him to continue married life bid it is a mug at the heart of this relationship merges feelings hatred towards the other especially toward the victim perpetrator harmful And if most of the legislation comparison did not put a definition or meaning clear to the damage that leads to the band , but merely , as we shall see , is included by some photos of this damage , for example, but not limited to , the Quran , both legitimate or legal was the course of this legislation, but only in some lists what is such harm that governs them to seperation Under Iraqi law, it there are four other types of the damage to non- the typeof material and moral damage contained in the first paragraph of Article 41 of the Iraqi Personal Status Law in force , passed a law under which both spouses request for judicial separation

The right to a remedy for victims of violations of international humanitarian law ) A comparative study of national laws (

abd ali mohammed sewadi

Risalat al-huquq Journal, 2015, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 6-38

International law guarantees the humanitarian protection and assistance for victims of armed conflict , however , when aperson becomes avictim of violations of humanitarian law debends , in fact ,the protection afforded by this section of the law , it provides in particular for victims of gross violations of chances slim for compensation , but may not provide any opportunity . And different international humanitarian law international law on this point are strikingly different , human rights are abranch of the law is similar, but distincthim know clearly the right of victims to receive compensation in the case of violation of their fundamental rights, has authorized the Rome Statute of the.International Criminal Court that court recently in determining the extent of the injury or loss or damage caused to the victims and to compensate them judgment , humanitarian law in fact does not guarantee explicitly for the victims of violations of the right to obtain legal redress.This research deals with the legal means provided by the domestic law and international law for the victims of violations of international humanitarian law in order to ensure respect for their fundamental rights are studying the issue of the right of victims to receive compensation in any domain can highlight this right